Country of peaceful and thundering dragon

Bhutan a Himalayan Kingdom “known as peaceful Dragon country” gradually emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation and opening its door for limited number of visitors, making this small Kingdom of Bhutan a truly unique destination to visit and explore its hidden ancient culture, religion, architecture and its way of life as it was for centuries which similar to Tibet, yet with a slight difference in its culture and traditions.

Bhutan’s past is still its present with tantric Buddhism a way of life that still exists making it one of the mysterious and interesting destinations for all types of holidays from its colorful festivals, scenic valleys and mountains and to observe its rural village life, beside colorful culture, religions one of the most fascinating place of visit is Taksang Monastery (Tiger’s nest) perched in a high cliff at Paro. 17th century Ta-Dzong, converted into the National Museum, Bumthang Cultural Hike or Trek, wonderful Thimphu (54km), the modern capital of Bhutan, visit of memorial stupa, indigenous Hospital, where traditional medicine is still practiced and the painting school.

For a small country offers varied interesting and scenic destinations from cultural, historical, village life to moderate and adventurous trekking.

Bhutan is linked by air from Kathmandu an hour scenic flight to Paro, or it can be reached from other cities of India, Delhi and Calcutta.

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